Julie Leaming

 I am an artist and sculptor working in clay, making ceramic sculptures and vessels for indoor and outdoor spaces. Fired to a high temperature the work is finished in neutral colours or painted with a bronze, rust or copper effect.


My work is about form, space and movement. Inspired by landscapes, plants and more recently birds. I look at, lines, curves and shapes within a structure and distil them to their simplest form, to reveal a glimpse of the original.  I am continually drawn to structures that reveal shapes and patterns that have formed or adapted through time and the elements. The finished work is  finished in  neutral colours to concentrate the eye or finished with  a paint effect that allows the elements and time to leave its mark.   


Recent work has been   focused   on  birds  that  that inhabit my immediate outdoor space.  The subsequent body of work focuses on form and movement of these majestic creatures that have a continual presence yet give us just a moment of their time. 

I studied at the University of Hertfordshire  completing a  Degree in Fine Art  in 2015. Presently working  from a studio in Baldock, Hertfordshire . I exhibit my work within galleries and events across Hertfordshire. 

With a keen interest in drawing and inspiring others I also runs  sculpture and ceramic classes for schools, colleges  and special interest groups.